Helsinki is the capital and just a beautiful city of Finland. To discover interesting facts about Helsinki, it is better to visit and see it for yourself. And we should know about entertaining places in advance to understand what to visit in Helsinki.

Top things to do in Helsinki

All the city’s attractions are more concentrated in the center. Top places to visit start with Sveaborg’ Dungeon. Next, you should walk along the Senate Square, visit the Cathedral. And it is impossible to leave the capital, not enjoying the silence in the chapel on the Narinkkatori Square. There are many churches and museums, in the intervals between visiting them, you can ride the tram-bar.


In Helsinki you can also see the northern lights, but it is necessary to monitor the weather and the forecast of solar activity. If activity is high, the chance to see this miracle of nature increases.

Visit Helsinki in one day

1. City tram
You can see almost the entire city and admire its architecture in one hour, going by this circular Tram. You will see a lot of interesting and feel the culture of the local life.

2. Suomenlinna Fortress

Helsinki is situated on the shore of the Baltic Sea. You can get to a beautiful, majestic Fortress by ferry and at the same time enjoy the expanse of the sea.

3. Science Centre Heureka

Interactive Museum where you can for a short time feel like a trapeze artist, a pilot, a logger, visit the epicenter of the earthquake or the bear’s den. You can take beautiful and interesting photos there.

4. Spherical Cinema Verne

Here tourists admire the spectacular shots of birds’ flights or can see the alpinists, climbing on the mountaintop.

5. “Kiasma” Museum

Visiting the Museum of Modern Art will not take more than an hour, but it inspires the tourists. This building is very original inside and always surprises with a new exhibition.

6. SeaLife Oceanarium

Here tourists will see an unforgettable underwater world!

7. Waterpark Serena

A large Waterpark will impress you with a variety of water slides and lots of water activities.

8. Kotiharju Sauna

It is difficult to imagine Finland without a Sauna. In this public place, it is perfectly possible to experience the full flavor of the capital and to enjoy its atmosphere.

Helsinki is a major political, educational, financial, cultural and scientific center in Finland.

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