Finland Porvoo is a very old city that was founded almost 800 years ago. Many famous Finnish artists and poets lived and worked here. The city is located 50 km from Helsinki. The high number of excellent architecture along the coast always impresses tourists.


Porvoo info

Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland. The first reference dates back to 1380. Until 1809, the city was part of the Swedish Kingdom, and after the victory of the Russian Empire in the Russian-Swedish war (1808-1809), it became part of the Grand Duchy of Finland. In Sweden, the city was called Borga and translated as “fortress on a hill with flowing river.” Translated from the Swedish “Borg” – fortress, “a” – river. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the unique historical part of Old Town. In 1809, Porvoo was the center of attention all over Europe. Sweden was defeated in the war with Russia and lost Finland.
There are two languages in Finland: Finnish and Swedish. Citizens actively use both, sometimes in the same sentence.

What to see in Porvoo

Valtimo House
There exists a legend about the Bakery House “Valtimo”: Frederick’s wife (he was a famous Finnish poet) baked cakes for the first time, which are now considered to be the traditional Finnish sweetness.

Simolin House
The oldest department store in Finland still works in the yellow stone building.

Porvoo Castle
The Emperor Alexander I stayed here during the Sejm session

Mannerheim Bridge (Mannerheiminkatu Street)
There is a wonderful view of the merchant ships for loading and unloading of goods

The Temple was built in the middle of the XV century.

Bishop’s House
It is the residence of the Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Finland, was built in 1927.

“Devil’s staircase”
There is a legend according to which rocky ledges in School Lane (Koulukuja), resembling a staircase, built the devil himself.

Lukiokuja Lane
At Lukiokuja 4 is situated the first family house of the Finnish poet Johan Runeberg.

Itäinen Pitkäkatu Street–Kulmakuja Lane
Ornate path is located between the picturesque wooden houses.

Monument to Edelfelt
Edelfelt is one of the favorite artists for Finns.

Vuorikatu Street
The fire started in 1760 on this street. As a result, it destroyed 200 of 293 houses.

Linsén Park
Finnish composer Linsen (1838-1914) and his wife Natalia (one of the first female photographers in Finland) lived for some time in a house near this park.

When you visit Porvoo it is important to see all the sights of the Old Finnish City and feel the atmosphere of it.

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