Rovaniemi Finland is one of the most visited places in Lapland. Here is situated the Office of the real Santa Claus!

Santa Claus lives on the Korvatunturi Hill, which is on the border with Russia. However, in Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle is his working residence, which became famous all over the world.

Visit Rovaniemi

The Village is located 7 km north from Rovaniemi on the E75 highway. It works every day of the year from 10 AM to 5 PM. During the holiday season — late December-early January and in the summer months the Village is open until 6 PM. The entrance to the Village is free, tourists pay only for services in it. A kilometre away is the underground theme Park of Santa Claus, Santa Park, where the elves live.

When should we visit Rovaniemi in Finland?

Of course, the Village is better to visit in winter because of the incredible beauty and a sense of the atmosphere of Christmas! During the Christmas season, Joulupukki (so-called Santa Claus in Finland) organizes several free performances. One of them takes place a month before the Finnish Christmas, in the last week of November. This is usually Saturday. Another event is organized on December 23, when Joulupukki starts his trip – he is going to give gifts to children all over the planet! But during the other seasons, the atmosphere here is also very cozy and cute, although some of the “attractions” are not working (reindeer riding, mini-snowmobiles, Snowman World). The most popular place in the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi- is, of course, Joulupukki Office. Meeting him is completely free any day of the year, but during holiday season (December and early January), there can be a big queue to see Santa. To meet Joulupukki you should go through a fabulous long corridor. Therefore, even if there is a queue, you will not have to wait in the cold. Santa Claus is a magician, but sometimes he needs a small break.
And here is Joulupukki! He is always glad to see guests, because all people, even adults are children for him!

Rovaniemi tourism

In the Santa’s Village tourists should visit and the Christmas House (Joulutalo) – it is a souvenir shop, Christmas exhibition and a café-restaurant. In winter, there is Ice Snowman World, where you can ride the tubes. For adults there is an Ice Bar with hot drinks. Behind the Office of Santa Claus in winter and in summer, there is a small reindeer farm where you can ride a deer. The Theatre of Elves also works there in December. Here you can find a large park of snowmobiles and go sledding animals (husky riding).
In this fabulous region, there are a lot of interesting places and even Santa’s Shopping Mall, where you can stock up on a variety of souvenirs.

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