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Shore Excursion Tour Porvoo

Team of STAR TRAVEL FINLAND Company organizes excursions for cruise ship passengers who arrive in Helsinki. We invite you to find out more about the main sights of the beautiful Old Town with wonderful architecture and incredible nature. We will meet you and guide to the most famous places that you can visit in Porvoo and Helsinki. STAR TRAVEL FINLAND-the best and unforgettable tours in Finland! We are always happy to accompany tourists and help with everything.

Shore Excursion Helsinki and Porvoo allows you to visit all ancient sites and monuments: the Council of State, the University, the Cathedral, the National Library, Uspenski Cathedral, Finlandia Hall and enjoy the beautiful architecture of Porvoo.


Things to do in Porvoo: where to go and what to do in this town?

  • Visit the Porvoo Archipelago
  • Climb the “Devil’s staircase” in the Koulukuja Lane
  • Buy sweets in the shop at the chocolate factory “Brunberg”.
  • Go by the vintage steam train or by bus to the Kerava Museum (only in summer).
  • Ride a bike along the Porvoonjoki river or walk in Humla forest.
  • Lost in the maze of hemp in Ilola in Postimaki. This is the first such maze in the country, and to pass it you need to tramp about 2 miles through thickets of the hemp.

Those who are interested in the old way of life of ordinary Finnish people, they should definitely go to the Open-Air Museum Postimaki. Here is situated one of the most well preserved huts of landless peasants in the country. Especially well to get here in July, during the craft festivals. Very interesting variant is to go to the island Museum Horbergsgarten. There are restored manor houses, barn, stable, sheepfold, hayloft and smithy on the Archipelago. Here you can buy different handmade local products.

In the compact city center, there are many old buildings, which are very pleasant to explore on foot. The streets of old Porvoo are extremely cozy and nice. It is not necessary to see the magnificent architectural monumentality to feel the atmosphere of the town. It is sufficient, for example, pits on the river which served in the Middle ages, commercial warehouses, or Old Bridge, which once held the king’s road from Turku to Vyborg.
The old railway station is nearby the bridge. Today the handicraft shops are concentrated there.
Shore Excursion Porvoo and Helsinki will remain in your heart!

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