Winter World Helsinki

Winter World Helsinki — feel yourself in Lapland!!

You do not need to go to Santa’s Home to feel winter wonderland in Lapland. It is enough to visit the winter entertainment center “Winter World”!

Helsinki is not just the capital of Finland, and interesting, historic, beautiful city! Here you can feel truly magical Lapland winter.

STAR TRAVEL FINLAND Company arranges excursions to the unique Lapland Winter World. This indoor entertainment complex allows you to feel like in real Lapland. Just imagine you are in Helsinki and combine a sightseeing tour of the city with active recreation.
This place has everything you need. You will be able to ride an iceboat, traditional Finnish sledge, try tandem skiing and visit the igloo with different decorations inside.

Its transparent ceiling allows you to admire the starry sky without going outside.
Winter fun for the whole family! It is not difficult to learn to ride a kicksled. You only need to push off with your foot. Children and adults have a good mood here. It is a great way to have useful time spending. Kicksleds always delight people. It is an unusual alternative to the “classic” sled and skis; it gains a very high speed.
Unique Lapland Helsinki Winter World is built of snow and ice. It is located in the indoor pavilion. There is always perfect weather, comfortable winter temperature -3 °C and, of course, the wind never hinders you.
At the request of tourists, the entertainment complex can arrange a snow party! Do you want to ride a husky or have dinner in the Winter World Ice Restaurant? Everything is intended for this purpose here! You can even learn how to create fascinating sculptures of snow. Laser “Winter War” is popular among tourists. It is designed for twenty people.
We arrange not only personal excursions, but also tours for large companies, which will have fun here!

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