Panoramic Helsinki Tour

The capital of Finland, Helsinki is famous for tourist attractions. A dynamic city, situated along the coast overlooking the Gulf of Finland. Places to visit in Helsinki – many historical monuments and beautiful views.

Visiting of Helsinki gives you the opportunity to admire the buildings of famous architects who worked on the creation of historical architecture for many centuries. Here you can find not only many architectural monuments, but also the incredible nature.



Helsinki Panorama sightseeing

Helsinki sightseeing tour always leaves a lasting impression. This charming capital has many attractions, such as ancient historical monuments and grandiose architectural buildings, dividing and decorating the city. Helsinki stretches along the Gulf of Finland, along the coast of the Baltic Sea. The city is the most populated in Finland. There are a lot of entertainment, as well as a high concentration of cultural, educational, religious places.

After visiting this city, you’ll get a chance to see the most interesting sights in the capital: Mannerheim Street Helsinki, Parliament Building, the Olympic¬†Stadium Helsinki, Senate Square Helsinki, Esplanadi Park Helsinki, the National Library of Finland.

Mannerheim Street Helsinki

Helsinki residents call this street briefly – Manski. This is the main highway of the city with the length of five and a half kilometers. Here is situated the majestic Parliament Building.

The Olympic Stadium Helsinki

The largest sports arena in Finland can hold more than 70,000 people. Olympic Stadium Tower has a height of 72 meters and 71 centimeters. And the Stadium has a length of 243 meters and a width of 159 metres.

Senate Square Helsinki

You can see a lot of historical architectural structures, as well as find different street events at the Senate Square. Its main decoration is Cathedral with white columns.

Esplanadi Park Helsinki

In the Esplanadi Park you can admire the sculpture of Finland’s national poet Runeberg, visit Kappeli Restaurant, see the fountain with superb sculptures and just relax from the bustle of the city.

National Library of Finland

The leading research Library in the country, the funds of which store one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of books, printed in the Russian Empire. But for tourists, National Library of Finland is interesting, first of all, as an architectural landmark: this is one of the most beautiful buildings in Helsinki.

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