Helsinki Suomenlinna was previously called Sveaborg or Viapori in Finnish. The Fortress was the main base during the war of Sweden against Russia. It is worth visiting: incredible views, architectural structures and lots of positive emotions. Helsinki Fortress was founded in 1748.

Suomenlinna Fortress was taken over by Russian troops during the Finnish war in 1808. Next 110 years it was the base for the Russian Navy. Further, Finland became an autonomous part of the Russian Empire. During the Crimean war and the Anglo-French navy bombed the Fortress; therefore, it was badly damaged. Next came the Finnish Civil War. There was a prison camp in the Fortress. Later, the Fortress became part of Finland and it was given the name Suomenlinna.

Visit Suomenlinna

At the visitors’ centre of the Fortress works Suomenlinna Museum, representing different milestones in the history of the Fortress, telling people about the dry dock, about everyday life and holidays of the residents and soldiers of the Russian garrison city. Helsinki Island Fortress is open for tourists all year round. Suomenlinna Helsinki in Finland is available for viewing from the sea. Helsinki Suomenlinna ferry leaves from the Market Square; Suomenlinna Tour takes 15-20 minutes. Visiting Suomenlinna allows you to enjoy magnificent views of Helsinki from the sea and beautiful sea surroundings. In winter, the trip through the frozen water is a real adventure.

Suomenlinna Helsinki Finland – walking tour

During the walking tour, the guide tells about the 260-year history of the eventful Suomenlinna Fortress, which was ruled by three different states, as well as about life on the island today. The guide will take you to the most important sights of the Fortress, such as the Great Courtyard, Piper’s Park and the dry dock, which was formerly one of the largest in the world. Suomenlinna consists of several fortifications, which impress with their ancient Finnish architecture. It offers an incredibly beautiful landscape. The tour will help to understand why this powerful Fortress was built, and will allow you to get acquainted with its main attractions.
There is a Hostel Suomenlinna in Helsinki near the Fortress. You can reach the beach in just 15 minutes. Island Hostel is a 5-minute ferry ride from Helsinki, in the territory of Suomenlinna Fortress, which is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

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